Swiss ambassador address awareness messages for first time voters

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Today, the Swiss ambassador Mr. Christoph Graf and Mrs. Zamira Gjini, director of pre-university education at the Ministry of Education and Sports, attended a voting exercise at Asim Vokshi High School in Tirana. They were also invited to address some sensitizing messages for high school graduates who will vote for the first time in the June 25th elections.

Ambassador Graf urged students to be more wary of political promises and to vote for the candidate they believe to be right and have the best program in the upcoming parliamentary elections. "We frequently vote in Switzerland and I personally voted 3 times only this year. I hope that through this educational program, which we support together with the Council of Europe, you have realized how important it is to be committed and exercise this right on 25 June and decide for your own future and for the country" said Graf.

On this note, Mrs. Giini stressed in her speech the importance of the educative program for first time voters. "We have provided all possible cooperation to implement this program and we look forward year after year with positive results and engagement of students by practicing the right to vote", said Mrs. Giini.

Following their speeches, Ambassador Graf and Mrs. Giini attended the presentation of four student candidates and the voting process for them. Through this exercise, young voters became informed about the voting process along with the problems that arise from family voting and selling ones vote, all of which harm a democracy. Students were also encouraged to spread awareness on these issues amongst their family and friends as well.

The "First Awareness Campaign" is supported by the Council of Europe and the Swiss Embassy in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Central Election Commission.