Alumni Network

The Academy takes pride of its alumni network - about 200 participants from seven generation - representatives of political parties, public service, civil society, academia and media who have attended the programme since its launch in 2007. The APS alumni act as multipliers of democratic values of pluralism, diversity and open dialogue in their respective domains thus contributing to the democratic and integration processes in the country.

List of alumni

Alumni Of Academic Year 2007
1Mr. Artur HasanbelliuMember of Parliament 
2Mr. Erjon MetaICITAP mission analyst 
3Mr. Artemon CukallaPAD Youth forum Leader 
4Mr. Arben PorocaniAss.Lector, University of Tirana 
5Mrs.  Iva HyseniLawyer, Directory of Study, Publications and Informatics, Supreme Court 
6Mr.  Gramos QendroSpecialist, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Telecomunication 
7Mrs.  Arbëresha MushaniTeacher 
8Mr.  Artur KopaniDirector for Albanian Public Television 
9Mrs.  Ardiana KasaProgram Manager, "World Vision" 
10Mr.  Andi KrroqiAlbanian Democristian Party Youth Forum Leader 
11Mr.  Arben LagretaJournalist 
12Mrs.  Kimete KlenjaLocal coordinator, UNIFEM Albania 
13Mr.  Endri JorgoniAdviser,  Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Telecommunication 
14Znj. Blerina TepelenaHead of the sector of monitoring the strategy on Roma community 
15Mrs.  Blerina BalilajNDI programme officer 
16Mr.  Kostandin KazanxhiLawyer 
17Mrs.  Sidita GipaliLocal consulent for the ministry of Health 
18Mrs.  Ersejla MuratiJournalist, "Koha" TV 
19Mr.  Eltjon HalimiLecturer in Faculty of Science, University of Tirana 
20Mr. Ledion KolaAss. client executive (ABA) 
21Znj. Lindita LuzoUNDP local project coordinator 
22Mr. Arben HaveriDirector of NBG Bank in Shkodra 
23Mr. Teki KurtiHead of Martanesh Commune Council 
24Mr. Alban TartariDeputy editor in Chief,  Albanian Public TV 
25Mr.  Albert FarukuMember of Parliament 
26Mr.  Alfred GegaMember of Parliament 
27Znj. Elga MitreSpecialist, Netherland embassy in Tirana 
28Znj. Elma Tershana (Shehu)Programme Director, Observatory on the Rights of the Children (UNICEF) 
29Mr Arben ShkodraSpecialist, Prime minister office 
Alumni Of Academic Year 2008
1Mrs. Arbana DibraExecutive director,  OSCE Shkodra office 
2Mr. Arben VataEditor In Chief "Ora News" Tv 
3Mrs. Beslinda RrugiaAssitant Lawyer 
4Mr. Bledar KurtiLecturer In Tirana University 
5Mrs. Brasena KokaLocal Project  Coordinator, "World Vision" Albania 
6Mrs. Brunilda Minarolli (Peci)Specialist At The Department Of International Organizations, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 
7Mrs. Edlira Gjoni Project Coordinator/ Journalist  
8Mrs. Edlira Mali Executive Director, Ogilvy Company Branch In Tirana 
9Mrs. Edlira PapavangjeliProgramme Coordinator /Helsinki Committee 
10Mrs. Elda ZotajAdministrative Asistant, Tirana University 
11Mr. Elson ThanaJudiciary Police Officer 
12Mrs. Elvana ZhezhaChief Of Cabinet, Ministry Of Foreing Affairs 
13Mrs. Eralda Cani MethasaniFull Time Lecturer In Tirana University 
14Mr. Erion AvllazagaiFull Time Lecturer In Elbasan University 
15Mr. Erjon Tase Political Analist, “Gazeta Shqiptare” Newspaper  
16Mr. Erlis CelaJournalist, "Standart" Newspaper  
17Mr. Ervin KaramucoVice Commissioner, Albania Ombudsman Office 
18Mrs. Evis FicoNational Employment Services, Chief Sector For Migration 
19Mr. Flir MoshoPublic Investments Management Director Of The Ministry Of Finance 
20Mrs. Gentiana RamadaniExecutive Director, "Women To Women" Ngo 
21Mr. Gjergji TaneDirector Of Local Office Of Employment In Korca 
22Mr. Gjok VuksaniMember Of Parliament 
23Mrs. Ivis NockaChief Section Monitoring, Ministry Of Defense 
24Mr. Klodian RjepajNational Coordinator For Institute Of Public Health 
25Mrs. Klodiana GjinajMedia Adviser, Albanian Electro-Energy Corporate 
26Mr. Marin MemaJournalist, "Top Channel" Tv 
27Mrs. Monika StafaJournalist, "Top Channel" Tv 
28Mrs. Nahlel Bejleri – FicoInspector, Social Services Department 
29Mr. Olsi KarapiciIt Department Director, Counsil Of Ministers 
30Mr. Remzi AliajRegional Director, State Social Service  
31Mr. Rezart LahiGeneral Director In Shijak Tv 
32Mrs. Sanije Fatkoja Haxhihyseni"Opportunity Albania" Branch Manager 
33Mrs. Vilma PremtiDirector, Ministry Of Labor, Social Affairs And Equal Opportunities  
Alumni Of Academic Year 2009
1Mr. Adrian ShegaAssistant attorney, Tirana Legal Aid Society 
2Mrs. Albana HanaSpecialist, Ministry of Integration 
3Mrs. Ana XhekaDirector, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities  
4Mrs. Ardita ShehajHead of Department, Albanian Competition Authority 
5Mrs. Admira PociSpecialist, Goethe Institute 
6Mrs. Beti NjumaJournalist , Top Channel TV 
7Mr. Blerim KolaEditor-in-chief , "Nesër" TV 
8Mr. Edvin ShvarcDirector of Public Information and Protocol, President of Republic office 
9Mrs. Elira CangaJournalist , “Gazeta Shqiptare” newspaper 
10Mrs. Elsa Toska (Dobjani)Legal Advisor , Constitutional Court 
11Mrs. Entela HamitiSocialist Party member 
12Mrs. Erinda ShahG99 Movement member 
13Mr. Ermal GjinajHead of PR department, Ministry of Economy &  Energy 
14Mr. Eugen PepaLegal Advisor , Albanian Parliament 
15Mr. Genc HoxhaNetwork Service Supervisor, Vodafone Albania 
16Mr. Gentian IslamiUrban Planning Director , Kucova Municipality 
17Mr. Gentian ManoADP manager ,"World Vision", Librazhd 
18Mrs. Gerta MetaExecutive Director, Society for Democratic Culture (SDC) 
19Mr. Hysni AhmetajSpecialist, Ministry of Integration 
20Mr. Ilir TopiActivist of Democratic Party Youth Forum 
21Mrs. Ingrit PrizreniPublishing House “Media Print” 
22Mrs. Liliana Alimeta Chief of Contracts and Procedures for Donors(EU, IPA Assistance), Ministry of Finance 
23Mrs. Mimoza KociuMedia Advisor, Spokesperson, Office of the President of the Republic 
24Mr. Plarent RukaLegal advisor , Ministry of Health 
25Mrs. Plejada GugashiProgram Manager for OLOF Palm International Center Albania 
26Mr. Redi BaduniHead of Youth Secretariat, Republican Party 
27Mr. Redi SkenderajJournalist , KOHA TV 
28Mrs. Rezarta GodoBrain Gain Programme Associate , UNDP 
29Mrs. Sonila MecoJournalist,  KLAN TV 
30Mr. Urim BajramiEditor in chief , “SHQIP” newspaper 
Alumni Of Academic Year 2010
1Mr Afrim KolaChief of air control service in Albanian Air Forces 
2Mr Alban FishkaSpecialist, Central Technical Inspectorate 
3Mrs Aleksandra BogdaniEditor in chief, "Top News" TV 
4Mrs Anila ShqypiProject coordinator, GTZ Albania 
5Mr Arber KadiaDirector, Regional Directorate of National Culture of Tirana 
6Mr Besjan PeshaAdviser of the chairman,  general vice secretary LSI political party 
7Mr Bilbil KerajChief of cabinet in Municipality of Kukes  
8Mrs Blerta GjermeniEditor in chief, ORA News TV 
9Mr Dritan NushiProsecutor's Office, Kavaja district 
10Mrs Eglantina BishaSpecialist, business Centre " Eurocol" 
11Mr Elton LulaProject manager in Tirana Legal Aid 
12Mrs Enina MullajLegal specialist, Albanian Parliament 
13Mr Enkes ShundiAdvisor, Chief of Protocol Albanian President office 
14Mr Evarist BeqiriLegal specialist in State Information Service 
15Mrs Fatjona MejdiniJournalist at "Shqip" newspaper 
16Mr Fjorel ComoSpecialist at the Ministry of Transport / DP Youth forum activist for Gjirokastra district 
17Mr Genard KastratiExecutive director, National Registration Center of Albania  
18Mrs Giomela GjiniTechnical Director, General directorate of Taxes 
19Mr Ilir PacoJournalist "Top Channel" TV 
20Mrs Irena Kita (Dimushi)Legal specialist  Credins Bank 
21Mrs Jonida ShehuJournalist at Vizion Plus TV 
22Mrs Karolina RistoEditor in chief Vizion Plus TV 
23Mrs Klodiana ThartoriProgram coordinator "Save the Children" 
24Mr Klodjan SeferajConsulent at the Council of Ministers 
25Mrs Klotilda NeziriChief of cabinet in municipality of Pogradec 
26Mr. Ledio MilkaniLegal consultant for Union Chambers of Commerce & Industry  
27Mrs Migena Muhaj Project Coordinator, Swiss Partnerships in Health 
28Mrs Migena NelajDirector of media and public relation, Albanian Electro-energy Corporate 
29Mr. Ols LafeDirector at the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth & Sports 
30Mrs Oriana ArapiCoordinator for the National Strategy on Development & Integration/Council of Ministers 
31Mr. Qemal CejkuChief of cabinet for Kamez Municipality 
32Mrs Rozana CelmetaGeneral directory of Tax, Chief sector of Public relations 
33Mr. Saimir ShatkuLegal advisor for the administration of Tirana district council 
34Mrs Suela CelaSpecialist at the law department,  Ministry of Agriculture 
Alumni Of Academic Year 2011
1Mrs. Ada RamajAssistant to the deputy minister of Interior 
2Mrs. Albana VeiziForeign Affairs Sector, President of the Republic Institution 
3Mr. Alvi BajramajPublic Relation Specialist,  QSUT 
4Mrs. Anxhela AndoniActivist at women forum, Socialist Party, Pogradec branch 
5Mr. Arlind LugjiSpecialist, Property Registration Office 
6Mr. Arnold HajroNational legal expert of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 
7Mrs. Daniela MehmetiLawyer, National Competition Authority  
8Mrs. Enila HasaniChief of Foreign Affairs Department, Ministry of Interior 
9Mr. Enio HaxhimihaliChief of Cabinet, National Council of Radio and Televisions 
10Mrs. Erjola MukaHead of Environmental Policy Sector, Tirana Municipality 
11Mr. Genti ÇaniDirector of Protection of Intelectual Property Directory, General Directory of Custom 
12Mr. Gentian XhaxhiuJournalist, Shijak TV 
13Mrs. Gresa MartiriLawyer, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy  
14Mr. Helidon BeleDirector of Retail, Tirana Bank  
15Mr. Ilir StojkuSpecialist on coordination sector, Ministry od Justice 
16Mrs. Klesta HysiPrograme coordinator, organization "Fëmijet Sot"  
17Mr. Kreshnik TernovaAdministrator,ALK Pharma sh.p.k 
18Mrs. Mirjam ReçiExecutive Director, CSDC Durres 
19Mrs. Olta BlaceriEditor in chief of "Ora e debatit" programme at "Ora News" TV 
20Mr. Qamil DikaHead of National Student Council / Activist of DP political party 
21Mrs. Merita Mansaku-MeksiProgramme Officer, Austrian Development Agency 
22Mrs. Rajmonda LajthiaJournalist, "Vizion Plus" TV 
23Mrs. Ledi Jahja-MuçaAdministrator at SNV office in Albania 
Alumni Of Academic Year 2012
1Mrs. Albana ShtyllaChief of Cabinet, Office of the Albanian Ombudsman / Member of Central Electoral Commission 
2Mrs. Alisa DemollariSpokesperson, Ministry of Health 
3Mr. Altin HotiLecturer of International Economics, Mediterranean University, European University 
4Mr. Altin IbroLawyer, Celibashi Consulting shpk 
5Mr. Andi SeferiRepresentative, Comunita di Sant'Edigio in Albania 
6Mrs. Anisa SeferajLawyer, Municipality of Tirana 
7Mrs. Ardita KongjonajSpecialist, National Examination Agency, Ministry of Education 
8Mr. Arian GaldiniChairman of the FDE (freedom, democracy and ethics) party / Lectures at Luarasi University 
9Mrs. Baisa SefaJunior Policy Researcher, European Movement Albania 
10Mr. Elidon LazeDirector - Legal and Appeals' Directorate, Central Office for the Registration of Real Estate Property 
11Mr. Erlis ShahuIT specialist at General Directorate of Taxes 
12Mr. Ermal SimakuDoctor / Member of the Socialist Party Youth Branch 
13Mr. Ermir GodajBailiff Service, Min of Justice 
14Mrs. Ervina DomiDirector of Legal Directorate, the General Directorate of Customs 
15Mrs. Eva DautiLawyer, Albania Association of Municipalities 
16Mrs. Florensa HaxhiStrategy Coordinator, Council of Ministers. 
17Mr. Fredi GugaDirector, Healthcare Centre Durres / Project Coordinator at NGO Europartners Development 
18Mr. Ilir KondiDirector of Official Publications Institution /  Activist of DP political party 
19Mr. Ilir KorbiLawyer, Central Office for the Registration of Real Estate Property 
20Mr. Ilir MimaniSpecialist, National Agency of Natural Resources 
21Mrs. Jorina GjinariProject Manager, Study Center Future 
22Mr. Ledio BrahoLawyer, Ministry of Integration / Assistant professor, University of Tirana 
23Mrs. Margarita KolaLegal Specialist, US embassy 
24Mrs. Mariola QesarakuProject coordinator at Institution for Democracy and Mediation 
25Mrs. Marsida ÇelaProgram manager at Child Center SOT/ Case manager, GC social service agency NY USA 
26Mrs. Merita Osmani (Muçaj)Lawyer, Ministry of economy, Trade and Energy / Lecturer American University of Tirana 
27Mrs. Mirela KarapiciPublic relations and Marketing Director, Albanian Post 
28Mr. Oltion KukeHead of Division, General Directorate of Customs 
29Mr. Rezart XheloOSCE, National Officer 
30Mrs. Romina KukoOSCE, project assistant 
31Mrs. Rovena RojbaEvaluation Inspector, Regional Directorate of Taxes, Tirana 
32Mr. Sokol BegaOSCE, political assistant 
33Mrs. Suela LalaCivil Society activist 
Alumni Of Academic Year 2013
1Mrs. Elda GjokaFounder&CEO, Genuine Effect company 
2Mrs. Edlira NasiAdmin Officer, Antea Cement / Activist of minority and human rights 
3Mr. Fatmir KonjaAssistant of the President of the Republic 
4Mrs. Blerina DoracajLegal & Procurement Officer, Mountain Areas Development Agency /  Activist of SP political party 
5Mrs. Albana HasanajSpecialist, Albanian Investments Development Agency (AIDA) 
6Mrs. Sabina JukaExpert, Council of ministers 
7Mr. Arti CicolliIT Director, Presidence 
8Mr. Oltion PenguLocal Consultant, Council of Ministers 
9Mr. Armand MetaniGeneral Manager, Milifar shpk  
10Mr. Basir CollakuAdviser and Spokesman, Ministry of Education and Science 
11Mrs. Ervis RahmaniLecturer, Kristal University / Specialist, Ministry of Integration /  Activist of SP political party 
12Mrs. Klementina CenkollariJournalist, "Ora News" TV 
13Mrs. Eneida AhmetiAdvocate, "Shala Law Firm" /  Activist of AK political party 
14Mrs. Valbona LaskuOffice Manager, BBC Tirana  
15Mr. Julian LlupoSpecialist in Albanian Competition Authority 
16Mrs. Sentiljana BarzeziSpecialist at CEZ Albania /  Activist of FRD political party 
17Mr. Erand NeboLeasing Dep, Societe General Bank 
18Mr. Jugert JorgoOfficer, State Protocol Dep, Min of Foreign Affairs 
19Mr. Jonito BregasiController at Air Traffic / Activist of LSI political party 
20Mrs. Florenca KorbiProject Manager, Albanian Association of Municipalities 
21Mrs. Enkeleda BashaTribunal assistant, Shkodra District court /  Activist of LSI political party 
22Mrs. Amela ZaganjoriTeacher /   Activist of DP political party 
Alumni of Academic Year 2014
1 Mrs. Alma Binaj Assistant, Office of MP Edi Rama in Vlora
2 Mrs. Anisa Xhafa PR & Communication Responsible, GIZ 
3 Mrs. Arsela Gjonaj Specialist in the secretariat of the City Council, Municipality of Tirana
4 Mr. Dritan Çekani Deputy General Director of Customs 
5 Mr. Elidon Lamani Projects manager, "Vlora Youth Center Organisation" / Civil society activist
6 Mr. Endri Mykaj Legal Advisor to the PM / Lawyer, Wolf Theiss company
7 Mrs. Enisa Halili Strategic planning specialist, Municipality of Tirana
8 Mr. Erlis Hereni Advisor to the minister of Interior 
9 Mr. Florjan Mucaj Deputy mayor, Fier Municipality
10 Mr. Francesko Mucaj Assistant of Socialist Parliamentary group
11 Mrs. Ina Metko Lawyer, Ministry of European Integration
12 Mr. Juel Jarani Vice Rector, University of Sports 
13 Mrs. Juliana Cici Deputy Commissionner, Albanian Ombudsman Office
14 Mr. Lulzim Omuri Elected member of Tirana's municipality no.2 Council / Youth Forum of DP party activist
15 Mrs. Magi Apostoli Project Coordinator, "Europartners Development" organisation
16 Mrs. Pranvera Myrselaj Finance Manager System Group Alb
17 Mr. Redi Saliasi PR & Communications Responsible "Crown Agents" Albania
18 Mrs. Rikelda Balliu Project Coordinator, Twinning EU Funded, Albanian Customs
19 Mrs. Vjollca Dako Executive director "Dritan Hoxha" media foundation
Alumni of Academic Year 2015
1 Mr. Admir Malaj Advisor, Ministry of Social Wellfare and Youth 
2 Mrs. Amela Juka Inspector, General Directorate of Taxes
3 Mrs. Arlinda Hoti Director of trainings, Albanian School of Public Administration
4 Mr. Artur Bardhi Specialist, Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Political activist SMI (LSI)
5 Mrs. Blerina Ago Adviser to the minister of Justice
6 Mrs. Dorina Puto Legal expert, President of the Republic Institution
7 Mr. Elvin Nuriu Director of Administration, Social Insurance Institute / Political activist PJIU (PDIU)
8 Mrs. Erjona Rusi Journalist, Report TV
9 Mr. Erton Graceni Advisor to PM, Council of Ministers
10 Mr. Ervis Mocka Vice Dean, Public University of Vlora / Municipal council member, Vlora
11 Mrs. Evis Shurdha Director, Dep. of Admin. and Services, Council of Ministers
12 Mr. Fabian Zhilla Lead Researcher of Organised Crime / Lecturer, Canadian Institute of Technology
13 Mrs. Gentiola Madhi Researcher at Shtetiweb
14 Mrs. Irma Kopliku Member of Parliament  / Lecturer, University of Shkoder / Political activist DP
15 Mrs. Jerina Vataj Municipal council member Lezha / Political activist SMI
16 Mrs. Jolanda Mustafaraj Municipal council member Durres / Political activist SP
17 Mrs. Lindita Pali Municipal council member Burrel / Political activist SP
18 Mrs. Marsida Duli Doctor and lecturer / Political activist DP
19 Mrs. Mirjeta Gjongecaj Municipal council member, Bajram Curri / Political activist DP
20 Mr. Oljan Kanushi Coordinator, Council of Ministers
21 Mr. Sofjan Jaupaj Advisor to Minister of Culture
22 Mrs. Tresi Trebicka Programme manager on Sustanaible development, "Eco Partners Albania" 
23 Mrs. Valbona Mucaj Trainings specialist, Albanian School of Public Administration
24 Mrs. Zhanina Dapi Director of EU Integration, Ministry of Economy
Alumni of Academic Year 2016
1 Mrs. Albana Kraja Head of the translation unit, Parliament 
2 Mrs. Armela Mitku Member of High Council FRD party
3 Mr.   Besard Buzi Local Expert, CoE
4 Mr.   Besfort Lamallari Researcher-Author, Freedom House / OSFA / IDM
5 Mrs. Brikena Hoxha Activist of SP / Societe Generale Albania 
6 Mrs. Eda Lika Legal Executive, PM Office
7 Mrs. Edlira Osmani Researcher / Project coordinator at EURALIUS mission
8 Mr.   Eneo Zguri Lawyer / Member of National Council of DP party
9 Mr.   Eraldo Xhani Adviser to the SP parliamentary group / Head of Quality Dep, Albanian Post 
10 Mrs. Freskida Miloti Producer, National Radio "Tirana"
11 Mr.   Indrit Puteci Adviser to the mayor of Tirana
12 Mrs. Juliana Memaj Mayor, Municipality of Ura Vajgurore
13 Mrs. Julinda Mansaku Attorney at State Attorney's Office 
14 Mrs. Krisilda Fana Head of Dep. of coordination with institutions and HR, President of the Republic 
15 Mrs. Manjola Hidri Expert, CBC Unit, Ministry of Integration
16 Mrs. Manushaqe Rina City Councelor DP Diber / Lecturer at University of Durres /  Councillor of DP at Dibra municipality council
17 Mrs. Mina Skuqi Assistant to the deputy speaker of Parliament
18 Mrs. Mirbana Bilali Executive director of Security & Protection Group
19 Mrs. Olta Kepucka Chief of HR & Finance, GIZ Albania
20 Mrs. Ornela Liperi Editor in chief Monitor magazine
21 Mrs. Ramiola Kalemi Lecturer, Durres Univ / Councillor of DP at Durres municipality council
22 Mrs. Romira Muka Lecturer at University of Shkoder /  Councillor of DP at Shkoder municipality council
23 Mrs. Senida Mesi  Accounting expert / Councillor of DP at Shkoder municipality council
24 Mr.   Vaeld Zhezha Advisor, Ministry of Environement
25 Mrs. Zamira Mustafaraj Engineer / Councillor of SP at Durres municipality council
26 Mrs. Zarie Visha School director / Councillor of SMI at Kukes municipality council