The mission

The mission of the Academy of Political Studies is to foster a modern political culture based on the shared values of pluralism, tolerance and open dialogue, thus encouraging the emergence of a community of young political and civic leaders, dedicated to implement a contemporary democratic model of government.
To achieve its mission, the Academy of Political Studies offers targeted trainings and public activities, with the following objectives:
  • To encourage the development of responsible and ethical leadership among young political and civic leaders and to support them in furthering the mission of the Academy in their original social context;
  • To widen its trainees understanding of the core principles of good governance such as rule of law, legitimacy, transparency, accountability, accessibility and respect for human rights;
  • To provide opportunities for bringing together political and civic leaders from the whole spectrum of public life, to discuss a wide range of political, social and economic issues;
  • To stimulate transparent and clear decision-making and legislative process that takes into account different public interests and opinions;
  • To sharpen its trainees skills and knowledge regarding the practical aspects of the democratic process;
  • To enhance its trainees ability to participate in open public dialogue and debate as well as the inclusion of the media in this process;
  • To engender an appreciation for the values of participation, inclusiveness and the free exchange of ideas, thus fostering the growth of a vibrant and dynamic civil society.