Sharing best practice on combating corruption in Balkans and Vishegrad countries

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Tirana town hall meeting of the initiative "Western Balkans Anti-corruption Forum" was held on 17 mars 2017 at the premises of the Innovation Hub Tirana. Over 40 young politicians, elected individuals and representatives from public and local administration, business and media discussed about the "anti-corruption strategy and the impact of corruption on economic growth in Albania and the region". The two panelist, Mr. Neritan Sejamini, expert of public policies and Ms. Lorena Pullumbi, from the institutions of the National Coordinator of Anti-corruption, focused on analyzing the national strategy of combating corruption in Albania and shared the best examples from the region and Vishegrad Countries.

This meeting was organised by the Academy of Political Studies, as part of a project of the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe in Vishegrad Countries (V4) and Western Balkan, thanks to generous support of the Council of Europe and the International Visegrad Fund. Program objectives include identifying the gaps in combating corruption in the Western Balkans, sharing the V4 experiences in the field, and equipping chosen participants with skills and knowledge necessary to improve anticorruption measures in their countries.