APS starts the implementation of the programme against violent extremism

Friday, April 06, 2018

The Academy of Political Studies initiated the implementation of a new project on fostering youth and communities resilience to violent extremism. This intervention is based on the experience in civic education of youth in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and thanks to the best expertise provided by the Council of Europe. The program is implemented in the framework of sub-granting scheme of the project “Strengthening Civil Society to Build Youth Resilience to Counter Violent Extremism” financed by European Union and implemented by Terre des hommes Foundation Mission in Albania in partnership with Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Center for Common Ground and "Beder University”.

The project aims to establish a model of cooperation between teachers, parents and students to understand the first signs of radicalization and violent extremism of youth and address these cases in cooperation between them and other community actors (local government, police, religious leaders and local youth organizations). These community-oriented school structures can also help in the future to counter other youth issues such as drug abuse, bullying etc. The program is planned to be implemented in 10 high schools, mainly in the suburban area of the Tirana region.

The activities will also be in line with the mission of "Schools as a Community Center" and the Action Plan of the National Strategy against Violent Extremism, approved by the Albanian Government in 2015. To this point, APS is coordinating closely with the Coordination Center against Violent Extremism, recently established near the institution of the Prime Minister.

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