Head of the Council of Europe attended the first time voters campaign 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Head of the Council of Europe Office in Tirana, Claus Neukirch, attended today a voting exercise of the "Ismail Qemali" senior high school students in Tirana. The exercise was organized within the framework of a project of the Academy of Political Studies for the education of first-time voters for the 25 June elections. The purpose of this visit was to observe the conducting of the process but also to transmit awareness-raising messages to students and youngsters in general about the importance of participating in the vote and how to avoid the negative phenomena that have been observed in past elections.

In his address to the students, Neukirch stressed that every vote counts as sometimes the outcome may well depend on just few votes. He urged the students to follow the electoral campaign actively and make an informed choice on Election Day.

The director of the Academy of Political Studies, Erjon Tase, thanked the Council of Europe and the Swiss Embassy in Albania for financing the first voters programme and recognized the Ministry of Education and Sport and the Central Election Commission for their fruitful cooperation. "Beyond the right to vote, you must be all attentive to avoid violations and wrongdoings that may be proposed to you. Being the young generation, we hope that you will influence also on your families as to not sell or delegate their vote", concluded Mr Tase.

Then, the students engaged in the simulation of a voting process, in the school premises. For further details and pictures from this exercise, please visit the programme’s website www.zgjedhjet.asp.al or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ndergjegjesimi.votuesve